Freestyle Snacks



Freestyle Snacks is on a mission to revolutionize healthy snacking by empowering everyone to have the freedom to snack on whole foods whenever and wherever they want. Freestyle launched their brand with olives that are crave-able, convenient, mess-free, and higher quality than then their shelf neighbors: the dated, center-aisle jarred and canned olives. Our challenge was to create a fresh brand identity and packaging expression, bringing this new, free way to snack to the masses.


  • Creative Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Packaging Creative
  • Packaging Production


Our branding solution for Freestyle fully embodies the brand promise while driving appetite appeal to encourage purchase. 

Dynamically patterned illustrations act as the foundation for the pack, with warm, bright tones capturing the brand’s energy. The Freestyle logo shows the brand’s playful nature with custom typography, upward movement, and letters that nestle together. Olive-shaped faux windows bounce across the pack, creating rhythm and movement to make the olives deliciously dynamic. Bold typography pairs with a handwritten accent font to balance the modern and playful nature of the brand. Pushing those jarred olives aside, we chose a resealable stand-up pouch to make Freestyle’s olives easy to graze on throughout the day or tossed into your bag for an impromptu picnic with your fellow olive lovers.

The end result is the best of both worlds: functional packaging that is also fun, bright, and here to shake up snacking as you know it.