Our task was to further define EnviroLogix’s core identity as a pioneering company in the field of GMO, mycotoxin, and pathogen testing for agricultural grains. 

Our effort required a profound understanding of the industry to shape a compelling core message and creative assets that would showcase EnviroLogix’s pioneering role in setting new standards for test accuracy.


  • Creative Strategy
  • Naming
  • Brand Identity
  • Technical Copywriting
  • Collateral Design
  • Print Production


In response to this challenge, we took a strategic approach by thoroughly positioning our key advantages — we knew differentiation, with specificity, from their competitors would be key.

We formulated a solution by defining sub-brand names and distinct identities for our three core testing lines – “TotalTest,” “TotalTox,” and “TotalTarget.” Through a meticulous branding process, including logos and core communications, we created a compelling suite of cross-selling products. 

Each testing line was strategically positioned to differentiate itself from competitors, providing a clear point of distinction. With our master brand now anchored by a well-defined market position, Envirologix successfully attained a higher profile for its advanced products and services. The resonance of the value proposition, emphasizing “increased accuracy from comprehensive quantification,” among grain operators and mill managers, solidified customer loyalty, allowing EnviroLogix to embody the tagline – “one step ahead in the field.”