Dr. Praeger’s: Social Content



Evolving Our Creative Approach Over Time

One of the things we love most about the digital landscape is the constant shift in creative style that allows us to keep our clients on-trend, relevant, and always trying something new. For Dr. Praeger’s, we had the opportunity to evolve the brand’s look and feel on social media twice, reflecting creative goals and business priorities with each shift.


  • Social Media Content Strategy
  • Creative Direction Development
  • Content Shot Planning
  • Content Photography
  • Organic Social Media Content

Letting Our Vision Do the Talking

When Pulp+Wire first began working with Dr. Praeger’s, the brand’s social presence was very traditional – product shots, beautifully plated dishes, and clean, white backgrounds. With the plant-based protein industry heating up around this time as consumers looked to change their eating habits and explore more sustainable ways to fuel their bodies, we were tasked with finding a way to help consumers rethink the concept of a veggie burger.

To entice and educate consumers about how to infuse more plant-based options into their mealtimes, Pulp+Wire took an approach that factored in engaging, unexpected vignettes, new recipe ideas, and craveable inspiration across all social touchpoints.

Making Effective Use of Organic Social
In addition to responding to brand needs and architecture from brand campaigns, Pulp+Wire also evolved the creative look and feel of Dr. Praeger’s social channels by responding to culturally relevant cues, revisiting the purpose of organic social to build community, test and learn, and create a homebase for audiences to discover more about the brand.