A simple ask with a significant sustainability impact, we partnered with Northern Spent Grains to create packaging and a thriving brand with a catchy name with a unified goal: transforming overlooked cover crops, like buckwheat, into a delicious snack!

Overcoming this challenge involves addressing multiple aspects, including creating an enticing market position and consumer education around buckwheat, typically overlooked as food, to revolutionize agriculture. The primary goal was to devise a name that captures the essence of digging into the earth and the collaboration with farmers and resonates with consumers, inspiring sales and supporting the brand’s mission of promoting a delectable and environmentally conscious product. And creating an eye-catching package design to visually tell the brand’s story and mission to customers


  • Brand Naming
  • Creative Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Illustration
  • Packaging Creative
  • Packaging Production


Our approach needed a multifaceted strategy to share this brand’s mission while communicating appetite appeal in the crowded snack aisle. The goal was to connect taste with a more profound mission of local and environmental impact. 

Starting with the careful crafting of the new brand’s name that embodies the tactile experience of interacting with soil and the symbiotic relationship with farmers, Diggables’ mission and products stand out on shelves with bright color coding across all flavors and packaging that prominently feature icons, evoking the farming process and offering a sense of culinary delight. 

The brand aimed to drive sales and promote regenerative agriculture by enticing consumers with flavor and purpose. This approach would be the keystone to driving sales and supporting the product’s overarching mission of leveraging cover crops to restore soil health sustainably and encourage broader adoption of this regenerative agricultural model, aiming to expand beyond its Maine roots.