Daily Crunch



Nut snack brand, Daily Crunch came to us craving a defined brand for their new sprouted and dehydrated line of nut snacks. Uniquely crunchy as their tagline states, the work ahead for us centered around educating consumers about how a sprouted and dehydrated nut can be filling, fun, and uniquely NUTritionally rich.


  • Creative Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Packaging Creative
  • Packaging Production
  • Product Photography
  • Organic Social Media Content


Our first step was building a robust brand identity system for Daily Crunch. Creative elements such as hidden almonds tucked within the logo and a color palette combining soft pastels with vibrant jewel tones created a visual language that felt natural, approachable, and premium. Front-of-pack photography linked each product variant on the shelf, while the back-of-pack utilized a mix of graphics, text, and images to narrate the brand story, emphasizing flavor and the product’s evolution. 

We curated a social photography library to showcase Daily Crunch’s personality, emphasizing the packaging, product, and ingredients to enhance appetite appeal and engagement. The result was a cohesive and compelling brand strategy that educated consumers and strengthened Daily Crunch’s position in the market.