Curio Spice Co.



Curio Spice faced a critical juncture when they approached us for a redesign using their existing brand. The challenge extended beyond a simple visual overhaul; it demanded a delicate balance between retaining the brand’s established identity and infusing it with a renewed vitality. 

The existing packaging system, while familiar, needed enhancement to better align with evolving market expectations and stand out on crowded shelves. Navigating this transformation required a keen understanding of Curio Spice’s unique market position and a strategic approach to revitalizing their visual presence.


  • Creative Strategy
  • Packaging Creative
  • Packaging Production


In response to Curio Spice’s challenge, we devised a comprehensive solution. The focal point was a newly refined packaging system that went beyond a mere facelift. We ensured that the redesign was not only visually appealing but also user-friendly, offering an enhanced navigation experience for consumers. 

This system’s flexibility allowed it to seamlessly adapt across multiple products and formats, providing a unified yet adaptable visual identity for Curio Spice. The result was a harmonious blend of the brand’s heritage and a contemporary aesthetic, ensuring a refreshed and engaging presence in the marketplace.