Atlantic Salmon Federation



The Atlantic Salmon Federation (ASF) has been a global leader in the Atlantic Salmon conservation community for over seventy-five years. Despite this legacy, ASF faced the challenge of articulating the urgent need for future funding to address escalating climate change impacts, requiring a fresh and creative approach that could inspire donor support.


  • Campaign Strategy
  • Campaign Creative
  • Copywriting
  • Collateral Design
  • Production Support


Our strategic start began by distilling the technical details of ASF’s past work and future goals into a crystalized campaign theme. A “climactic call to action” was drafted to rally anglers and environmentalists to the organization’s cause; we invited them to join in a “Watershed Movement” through an eye-catching and thought-provoking seventeen-page brochure. That framework required the holistic understanding of the organization that allowed us to weave engaging headlines and sharp synopses into a cohesive and compelling narrative. The design team amplified this tale with a bold, color-coded design complemented by carefully selected photography and a series of ingenious infographics. We delivered print and digital versions in English and French to ASF, where they were enthusiastically received to ignite this powerful and purposeful campaign.