Animal Refuge League



After caring for Greater Portland’s neediest pets since 1911, the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland grew out of their current location on Stroudwater Street. Renovations couldn’t help the dated building that was already stretched beyond its use; it was time to build a new state-of-the-art facility that would allow the organization to continue to serve 4,000 homeless animals annually. 

In order to bring awareness to the ARLGP, the need and the $6.5 million required to build the new facility, the Future Fund was born. Realizing this campaign would be the backbone for the 2-year fundraising push.


  • Brand Identity
  • Printed Collateral
  • Website Creative
  • Website Programming


We were tapped by the ARLGP to create an exciting and comprehensive campaign brand identity. We designed new graphic elements, carefully selected fonts and a supporting color palette to anchor the campaign that stood out, yet felt like a natural branded extension of the existing ARLGP brand.

Invaluable pieces like designing and programming a landing page, as well as collateral materials such as printed mailers, fundraising event takeaways, a booklet presenting the history and future of the ARLGP and collaborating with local filmmakers on a 3-minute reason-to-believe video. The soundtrack was AWOLNATION’s, “All I Need” who graciously allowed the ARLGP to use their song for the cause. 

Printed pieces like letterpress thank you cards, were just one example of a thoughtful, personalized touch that went into furthering the campaign’s emotional connection that was critical in benefitting the tight-knit community of pet lovers and adopters.

The ARLGP team was able to use the branded campaign from tip to tail. The Future Fund was hugely successful in both creating awareness within the community and hitting the fundraising goal in advance of the campaign’s end date. The ARLGP liked our Future Fund graphics so much, they evolved their primary logo to the one we created for the campaign. And the 25,000-square-foot Arthur P. Girard Adoption Center opened on November 22, 2016.