MaineBiz 2022 Forecast: Competing for consumers will take brands with grit

“The past two years have been a master’s class in how to collaborate, grow and adapt to change.”

Thank you MaineBiz for the feature article on my path, leadership, and finding grit in 2022. 

Some top notes from the article:

Now Taja Dockendorf, owner and creative director of Pulp+Wire, a Portland advertising and marketing firm, says she’s heading into the new year with a sense of anticipation.

“The last few years for both the creative and the marketing industries have brought growth, evolution, and for me a masters lesson in one’s self-compassion and aptitude for change,” says Dockendorf. “As I look to 2022, it is not with fear or worry but with optimism, excitement, and a thirst to see what is around the next corner.”

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