Founder Taja Dockendorf featured in TIA

“I always believe in finding a path forward”

Thank you Top Interactive Agencies – TIA for the feature article on my path, leadership, and building Pulp+Wire.

Some top notes from the article:

Tell us about your personal journey. How did you get started in the industry?

I started Pulp+Wire over 18 years ago as a creative frustrated with how the conversation between brand and designer was too segmented. There had to be a better way, less black-and-white; a more colorful approach when working with brands. I wanted real relationships with the brands I worked with, I wanted to feel ownership in the wins, and seek creative solutions when we needed pivot course. Today, we are internationally recognized not only for our creative thinking but also for our ease of conversation, problem-solving, creative execution and brand growth. I don’t believe in saying no; I believe in always finding a path forward. And I founded my company, all by myself and have grown it year-over-year with no outside support or capital and I want to empower other women with grit, drive, passion, and determination that they can do it too.

Why aren’t there more female Founders/Owners in this industry?

At Pulp+Wire, we are the 1%. It’s the percentage of creative agencies that are 100% founded by women. Crazy right? When 70% of graduating design students are female and only 3% of those women find roles as creative directors, we know something needs to change.

How would you describe the creative culture of Pulp+Wire?

The older agency model meant having account managers dictate the rules, telling creatives to sit in the corner and make pretty things. I believe that creatives can also be strategic thinkers. Building my company, I was really looking for designers that I completely aligned with so that it was not just about creating something beautiful. It was about really hearing the client and the brand, understanding how they ticked, what pieces made them unique within their industry, and then how we could build on that.