Forbes: How To Lead By Example And Encourage Employees To Fuel Their Own Growth

“As someone who has always been self-directed, I don’t believe that a boss should be a teacher or a parent.”

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Some top notes from the article:

2020 was all about survival. As the leader of a full-service consumer packaging, branding and marketing agency, I remember having to make a split-second pivot from working in the office every day to communicating with my team on Zoom. During this time, agency leaders like myself were focused on keeping their teams intact while doing whatever they could to stay afloat.

Over the past year, having my team prioritize their own individual growth was the key to their engagement, deeper trust and (believe it or not) a year of growth during a pandemic. When everyone advocated for their own needs, we saw not only personal growth but business growth as well. We rallied together and came out better than the prior year.