Forbes: A Mix Of Full-Time And Freelance Workers Can Help Your Agency Evolve

“Being open to this sort of talent osmosis [freelancers], where you’re letting things flow in and out as they serve your company’s ecosystem, opens you to every creative possibility, while cultivating a truly fulfilling work culture.”

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Some top notes from the article:

As the founder and CEO of a full-service, CPG branding and marketing agency, I approach my team with the same openness and flexibility that I extend toward my clients. Having started my company as a freelancer with a lot of people supporting me, I have learned that creative alchemy comes from nurturing talent as they grow and change, and bringing them on board – or encouraging them to explore on their own – as it suits them.

Here are a few ways leaders can approach the rapidly changing work landscape with openness and flexibility that benefits employees, clients and the entire agency as a whole.