Brittany Lo

The Alchemy of Brides, Intimate Wellness, and Normalization

Brittany Lo is the Founder and CEO of Beia, a beauty wellness brand that empowers women to indulge in self-care through a diverse line of clean beauty and wellness products. She founded Beia with the intention of encouraging women to feel and look their best while dismantling the stigma of indulgen [more...]
Emanuel Storch

The Alchemy of Seitan, Pizza, Wings, and Self-Manufacturing 

Emanuel Storch is the CEO of Blackbird Foods, a plant-based food company producing wholesale and retail seitan, frozen pizza, and plant-based meat. His passion for social entrepreneurship, animal welfare, the environment, and public health inspired Emanuel to found Blackbird. As one of the first te [more...]
Jennifer Liao

The Alchemy of Soup Dumplings, Traditions, and D2C

Jennifer Liao is the Co-founder of Xiao Chi Jie (XCJ), a direct-to-consumer food company specializing in authentic Chinese street food. As a second-generation Asian American, she founded the brand with her husband to connect with family history and create new and genuine representations of their ex [more...]
Expo East

The Alchemy of Expo East 2022

Taja Dockendorf is the Founder, Owner, and Creative Director at Pulp+Wire, a female-founded, award-winning, full-service, CPG branding and marketing agency. Pulp+Wire specializes in helping natural and organic foods, cannabis, hemp, and lifestyle brands discover their identities and create websites [more...]
Nick Grossenbacher

 The Alchemy of Alchemical Skincare

Nick Grossenbacher is the Founder and Chief Product Formulator at REÅLEA Skincare, which delivers potent, topical solutions rooted in global traditions of medicinal alchemy. He has studied herbalism and traditional healing with regional experts worldwide and trained as an academic historian of pre [more...]
Raina Kumra

The Alchemy of Tech, Spices, and Ayurveda

Raina Kumra is the Founder of Spicewell, the world’s first nutrient-dense, Ayurvedic line of pantry essentials. As an operational leader, investor, and advisor, she is a Partner at The Fund — where she leads healthcare and consumer deals — the former CEO of Juggernaut, and the former Co-found [more...]
Nina Damato

The Alchemy of Seafood, Family, and Salmon Burgers

Nina Damato is the Managing Partner at Blue Circle Foods, a company that provides consumers with clean, nutritious, 100% traceable seafood using best sustainability practices. Her mother, father, and uncle founded the brand in 2005 with the goal of delivering organic seafood through transparent pro [more...]

The Alchemy of Sauces, Community, and Universe Alignment

Hawa Hassan is the CEO and Founder of Basbaas Foods, an authentic, packaged line of Somalian hot sauces and chutneys. The brand has been featured in Forbes, The New York Times, Eater, and many other notable publications. As a dynamic chef, recipe developer, and entrepreneur, Hawa is the author of I [more...]
Jeff Weaber

The Alchemy of Kombucha, Vermont, and Entrepreneurship

Jeff Weaber is the Owner of Aqua ViTea, a Vermont-based brand that brews authentic kombucha. Previously, he was a Brewer at Lucky Labrador Brew Pub, where he gained experience in fermentation and helped the brewery scale to meet increasing demands. After moving from Oregon to Vermont, Jeff launched [more...]