Matt Weiss

The Alchemy of Birds, Innovation, and Persimmons 

Matt Weiss is the Founder and CEO of RIND Snacks, a healthy snack brand focused on whole fruit nutrition. RIND's mission is to help consumers snack better by eating the whole fruit, maximizing nutritional value, and minimizing food waste. Matt launched RIND Snacks in 2017 — prior to that, he spen [more...]
Ramon Vela Thumbnail

The Alchemy of Reinvention, Gratitude, and Dragons

Ramon Vela is the Founder of CommerceFocused Media, which produces The Story of a Brand, a podcast that features DTC, CPG, and omnichannel brands. The podcast has more than 950 episodes, over 700 interviews with brand founders, and tens of thousands of listeners. As The Story of a Brand’s host, R [more...]

The Alchemy of CPG Branding, Life/Work Balance and Koalas

Laureen Moyal is a Founding Partner and Creative Director at Paperwhite Studio, a multi-disciplinary design consultancy. Paperwhite collaborates with clients to build identities and grow them into full-blown experiences and digital spaces. Laureen has experience developing integrated branding solut [more...]