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Vermont Creamery – Web

Deliverables: Web Strategy + Functionality // Custom Shopify Plus // Creative UI/UX + Programming

Vermont Creamery – Web

challenge + our process

Vermont Creamery needed a website with a user experience as smooth as its premium cheeses, butter, and sour creams.

It was an issue of form and function, and Pulp+Wire took on the task of authentically tapping into the brand and making it come to life through the site. Having created the packaging for their sour creams and butter, Pulp+Wire was well-versed in the brand and thrilled to keep up the momentum by launching a new site.

Vermont Creamery wanted its website to show and tell its story: more than a place or product, they wanted a site that would illuminate and bring to life Vermont, the cheese, and the people. Their story began in 1984, and they earned their cred as cheese experts, but did anyone know that when they visited?

Visitors complained the site needed to be easier to navigate, often taking too many clicks to get where you needed to go. Then there was the communication breakdown: did site visitors understand their Vermont Pride? Would they know the craftsmanship and specificity that go into making their products? For example, so many of their goat cheeses and sour creams have specific benefits that were communicated…to no one.

Pulp+Wire knew success would be a harmonious balance of form and function. A site that would romance and spotlight the products while giving people a path to purchase products with as little friction as possible. It would beautifully show and tell about the brand while being easy to use and update for their team. And with any new site, Pulp+Wire was sure that we designed and programmed a site with room to grow and flex that would evolve with the company (and its needs) and never feel stuck in the past.


Pulp+Wire worked with Vermont Creamery to launch a beautiful new website that serves its customers with the info they are searching for that’s easy to navigate, authentically tells the brand’s story, and is straightforward for their team to use on the back end. Website discovery, functional specification, planning, design, and programming were all part of the plan and executed for a fall 2022 launch.

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