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Vermont Creamery – Sour Cream & Butter Packaging

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A few years into its acquisition by Land O’ Lakes, Vermont Creamery was positioning itself for accelerated growth by tightening its core offerings while expanding into the dairy case. A B-Corp business, Vermont Creamery not only aligned well with Pulp+Wire’s core focus of working in the natural and organic space but was a brand that was innovating with new products and refreshing its visual positioning.

Balancing shelf impact while preserving what the brand is known for – small-batch artisanal specialty flavor – was Pulp+Wire’s challenge with Vermont Creamery’s new Sour Cream product line.

While focusing on evolving the brand’s current design language, Pulp+Wire aimed to keep the equity this 54-million dollar brand has earned. The dairy case is often a sleepy sea of sameness but this new line for Vermont Creamery is anything but that. The new Cultured Sour Cream line is made with 22% milkfat, compared to 18% in regular sour cream, further directing our creative strategy away from mainstream tubs. Through bright colorways, custom ingredient illustrations, and product call-outs, Pulp+Wire brought a hand-crafted, appetizing, and premium feel to the new Vermont Creamery Sour Cream line.


Creative strategy, packaging creative, and custom illustration helped bring this artisanal sour cream and butter line to life.

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