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The Honest Kitchen – Cat

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When a brand as established and thoughtful as The Honest Kitchen approaches you for a partnership, it requires both teams to prioritize open communication to ensure everyone is clear throughout the process while creative boundaries are being pushed. The Honest Kitchen’s values, product portfolio, and team makeup checked all of the boxes for Pulp+Wire.

The Honest Kitchen first approached Pulp+Wire to provide additional support to their in-house creative team while they sought out fresh ideas for a dog treat line that wasn’t progressing as planned. Following the successful collaboration, where new creative ideas, brand standards, and ownable illustration style were balanced, Pulp+Wire was again brought on to lead strategy, positioning, and creativity for the brand’s full revamp of their Cat line.

The Honest Kitchen’s Cat line posed the challenge to craft pointed positioning and creative for the only human-grade cat food line in the market. Pulp+Wire was specifically tasked to ensure the Cat line could seamlessly fit in with the main brand while also sitting next to its counterpart dog lines.

Following Pulp+Wire’s opportunity-driven strategic roadmap, the Modern Cat Parents were highlighted as the main audience. An audience that connects with their cats during mealtime and also shows their love by feeding them the best foods.  Pulp+Wire’s creative exploration for the new line captured this warmth and familial spirit, which was apparent as well as inherent in The Honest Kitchen brand.


The final creative solution for The Honest Kitchen’s Cat Line was simple and transparent, ensuring stress was reduced for our Modern Cat Parents while creating more room for what it means to love your pet.

Visual ingredient appeal was equally important as product positioning. Visual appeal, including the cat the genuine portraits of cat personalities, ultimately reflected The Honest Cat’s desires, and cat parents’ expectations for superior cat nutrition and resulted in a confident and capable consumer.

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