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Soom – Delicious Tahinis

challenge + solution

Drip, drizzle, or devour is the creative vision behind Soom Foods elevated packaging rebrand.

Soom is the tahini you never knew you needed, and the perfect complement to elevate your favorite dishes—and the Soom sisters knew it was time to rebrand.

Pulp+Wire was tasked with the delicious challenge to bring the delicate, but important informational elements to the forefront of the packaging while giving each roasted and ground sesame tahini SKU the elevated look they deserve.

The rebrand was a labor of love for the Soom Sisters, they wanted an elevated look but did not know where to start. P+W started with a full discovery to fully explore the best color and visual exploration for the brand. The result was a whimsical illustration of the product usage harnessing the moment the tahini drips off the spoon, and a touch of gold to highlight the magic of the Premium Sesame seeds that sit at the heart of the brand.  Amy Zitelman, Soom’s co-owner says it best:

“With the help of P+W, Soom finally looks as good as it tastes. I’m thrilled with the results of our branding journey, it truly evokes quality + connection!   It’s a joy to share our product and website. I appreciated P+W’s process towards reaching the look that was just right, openness to our feedback, and commitment to execute. I’ve gotten rave reviews from colleagues and friends.”

In addition to the tahini’s, Soom’s Silan Date Syrup was also polished in order to present and position it as not only a sweetener substitute but as a topping as well.

“This new look has definitely taken Soom to the level it deserves to be at. We went from standard to wow. To be honest, I never realized how much our brand needed this rebranding.” – Jackie (Soom Co-Founder)

The last step in bringing the new look to life was the brand’s website. With lifestyle pictures of daily application, weaving in design elements from the packaging, Pulp+Wire’s team brought the new look of Soom to life, while also paying homage to the roots of the brand.

“…Approachable, sophisticated and incredibly polished”, as Shelby, COO and Co-Owner says, “Soom Foods evokes a vibe we all want in the kitchen.”

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