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RIND Chips

challenge + our process

The popular “Keep it real, eat the peel” 100% natural fruit snack brand, RIND, recently launched its newest innovation, CHIPS. Seeking the opportunity to put a fruit in a predominantly root vegetable space, CHIPS was created to have the crunchy craveability of your favorite bag of chips while playing towards its punchy and tangy flavor profile.

A long-time client of Pulp+Wire, RIND knew the agency could take their beloved peel-on-fruit and create packaging that would reflect an identity more elevated than a greasy fried potato. Pulp+Wire designed packaging that would stand out in the potato chip space while also maintaining recall of the brand and primary chewy line. Thinking holistically about the consumer experience, Pulp+Wire placed a soft-touch finish on each SKU to bring in the sensory element of touch. A lifelike rind texture is overlaid onto the logo providing a visual aesthetic that matches the aromatic crispy fruit.  Clean sun-lit visuals interact with the focused and streamlined typography to give the product a “buzzing” energized appeal. The mindful use of colors highlights the luminosity of the fruit while equally contrasting the updated textured logo.

brand + packaging solution

Pulp+Wire fruitfully executed the launch of RIND’s CHIPS, by researching and unpacking what has proven to be successful and equally unsuccessful on the shelves of popular savory snacking brands in grocery stores nationwide.

Pulp+Wire and RIND worked together to see the new product through social media activations such as giveaways and teasers while also physical elements like branded product displays in-store to showcase the innovative new flavors.

70’s Inspired Launch Content

The best way to launch a new product is with a well-thought-out campaign. In this case, P+W created vision boards, ads, and email campaigns geared towards a 70’s inspired, simpler yet groovy vibe for this superfruit, crave-able and crushable snack.  Below is a sampling of content.

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