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Nonesuch River Brewing

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On a mission to crystalize a brand identity that could match the spirit of their brewery and passion of their patrons, Nonsuch River Brewing sought out a partnership with Pulp+Wire. Recognizing the focused discipline of the brewmaster along with the strong support of the local community, Pulp+Wire’s challenge was to design a can that glistened on shelves while emulating what set Nonsuch apart within America’s Craft Beer Capital.

The first step was to craft a brand vision guide that would anchor Nonesuch. Pulp+Wire followed the same “less is more” lead as Nonesuch’s beers, zeroing in to elevate the key qualities that make their simple but stellar beers shine. The brand’s somewhat mythological namesake river framed short, poetic messages about the signature’s line’s brews. Those notes graced color-coded cans with the simple yet elegant style that spoke volumes about the contents inside, online, and in the aisle.

Though the master can layout was built to showcase Nonesuch’s core brews, it was also built to flex and feature the fun seasonals the brewery releases regularly.


The final look, sound, and vibe of the new cans and copy felt as engaging, balanced, and fun as the three founders who partnered with Pulp+Wire to shape the new vision for their brand.

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