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Kalamata’s Kitchen

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Kalamata’s Kitchen

a culinary journey like no other

challenge + solution

Kalamata’s Kitchen encourages kids and their parents to try new foods and flavors. Each book shows Kalamata and her sidekick, Al Dente, going on food adventures with a well-known chefs, exploring their food memories from childhood. But it doesn’t stop with a story; readers can take a vow to become a “Taste Bud”, promising to try new foods. Within a colorfully branded box, young readers can foster their culinary curiosity with a branded apron, canvas bag, kid-sized whisk and masher, and a memory game with exotic ingredients in different languages. What started as a book has exploded into an experience for kids and adults alike to keep exploring food. From branding to book covers, to merch and mailers, we helped create this integrated brand that nutures a continued curiosity in taste and tradition.

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