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Herbal Revolution

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Herbal Revolution

Farm and Apothecary

Kathi Langelier’s passion for her herbal teas, tonics, and elixirs was apparent from the moment she walked through Pulp+Wire’s door. But the hand-crafted care she devoted to the sourcing and manufacture of her products wasn’t reflected in the homespun packaging she’d created for her brand. P+W designers were sensitive to Langelier’s desire to maintain brand equity between her established product’s look and her vision for its future design. A 3-stage design evolution was staged to make the stylistic transition from the company’s tonics to shrubs to herbal teas. The tonics retained the same kraft paper stock as Langelier’s original labels, but used coordinated color-coding and more prominent typography to create cleaner and more visually compelling containers. The shrub stage replaced the kraft background with the pure white field that further refined the packaging’s style. Finally, Herbal Rev tea packaging was designed to celebrate Langelier’s love of art nouveau flourishes, creating the premium look that sets the stage for the future of this growing brand.

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