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Real granolas. Real fun.


For 35 years, GrandyOats co-owners Nat Peirce and Aaron Anker had been steadily growing their Maine-based granola company. The organic approach they took to brand-building seemed the perfect model for a purveyor of all-natural cereals and snacks. But eventually, the pair decided that an outside perspective might help introduce products that first went live in the 70’s to a new generation of customers. The trick was to capture the same peace-and-love vibe that inspired the company’s birth while making it relevant to today’s mainstream millennials.


An overview of GrandyOats history and a survey of millennial attitudes revealed the sweet-spot between the roots of the organic movement and modern sensibilities. Pulp+Wire’s Brand Book catalogued both the product-focused and aspirational stories that serve as the primary narratives for the story of the GrandyOats brand. A suite of mission-themed icons and “Granola Wisdoms” was created as the core elements of the visual and verbal vocabularies used to tell those tales. That narrative was shared in newly designed packaging and a refreshed website that made GrandyOats’ hippie spirit hip again.


Pulp+Wire hopped aboard the GrandyOats VW bus with these initiatives and other creative fuel that’s helped the company with some of its biggest roll-outs to date. This included promotional support for GrandyOats’s ground-breaking creation: Maine’s first 100% solar-powered, net-zero food production facility. These bold moves and branding drove a 28% increase in growth to generate $5.3M in sales for the year.

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