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Good Natured

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Good Natured Brand

Clean Home. Clean Ingredients.
Clean Life.


Kate Perrin realized what more and more natural food aficionados have come to know: the good health she wanted to promote and protect for herself and her family didn’t begin and end with the whole foods she served. Kate’s determination to create chemical-free cleaning and skin-care products propelled her Good Natured Brand to quickly outgrow its farm-market start. Now the challenge was to find the creative partner who could help Kate capture the growing audience queuing for green cleaning products in stores and online.


Pulp+Wire welcomed the chance to create the understated solutions that would allow Good Nature’s full product line to shine. The agency chose a pure white field for the clean background that would spotlight both the product’s function and its star ingredient. Names like “Lemon Love,” “Lucky Lavender,” and “Rosemary Revival,” complemented the soft colors and botanical accents that were positioned to float across carefully sourced tins, bottles, and bags. Front-facing windows in the latter underscored that Good Natured’s light and bright products have absolutely nothing to hide.


It didn’t take long for Good Natured’s understated design to stand out in a crowded competitive space. The line’s focused vision cut a clear path between natural-foods focused consumers and a brand that widened their vision on new ways to bring good health home. Glowing website testimonials and Good Natured’s appearance in Whole Foods as well as regional supermarkets and local specialty stores soon followed. That praise and presence proves that sometimes a refined design is the best way to clear the space a brand needs to grow.

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