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Bixby Bar

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Bixby Bar

Craft Candy Snack Bars

Kate McAleer’s strong connection to her family’s history inspired her to search for a way to incorporate that legacy into packaging for her craft candy snack bars. When the Bixby Bars owner found Pulp+Wire, she discovered the team who could partner with her to find a solution. That answer began with a nineteenth century tin plate that had been in McAleer’s family for generations. Watercolor washes brought new life to the design, which was paired with bolder colors and hand-rendered typography to create a modern take on old-world charm. Those stylistic details framed a focus on the product’s organic and natural ingredients while also highlighting the hard-won seals some bars that designate their gluten-free, kosher, vegan-verified, and non-GMO certifications. The final design found its perfect place on the visual-trend timeline. That sweet spot continues to help Bixby use the pull of the past to capture today’s modern tastes.

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