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Barney Butter

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Barney Butter

It doesn’t get much better than almond butter

challenge + solution

How do you differntiate yourself on a crowded shelf? Pulp+Wire has worked closely with Barney Butter, first, defining their brand voice and rebranding their labels, and continuing to work together to refine the brand as new products and activations were added. But it’s not just about branding for a line extension; Pulp+Wire has helped Barney Butter grow nationally with branded store launches, collateral support, line extensions, and both social and digital marketing vision, execution and management.

We continue to support the Barney Butter brand with both digital marketing and creating product-centric imagery, featuring recipes and brand collaborations. Success has been measured by achieving a leading engagement rate of over 11% on Instagram (surpassing their competition). By highlighting new releases and giveaways with targeted ads while consistently promoting appetite appeal, keeps awareness and sales rich for this fun, family-friendly brand.

Barney Butter Jars
Barney Butter Dip Cups
Barney Butter
Barney Butter Snacks
Barney Butter Snack Packs
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