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Natural Skin Care


April MacKinnon has the kind of drive we see in many P+W clients. Though she’d built a loyal customer base for her Anointment Skin Care products over the past 10 years, she sensed there was a bigger audience for them. Our challenge was to position her handmade soaps, ointments and lip balms in a way that celebrated the simple, inherent beauty of her products and the people who used them.


We zeroed in on the person behind the products to capture April’s passion in her packaging. Everything was grist for the P+W mill, right down to the antique doorknobs that she cherished in her home. Conversations about texture and color and a wealth of inspirational imagery led to the final mood-boards that guided the P+W creative team.


Two distinctive lines of products emerged from our exploration. The Anointment Mom & Baby line now showcases a delicate design featuring a series of charming woodland creatures. The Adult Skin Care line makes a slightly bolder statement, using dark wood textures to contrast with strategic punches of complimentary colors. Touches of floral details grace both lines to tie them both to the successfully refreshed Anointment brand.

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