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Allagash Brewing – Crosspath Organic Golden Ale

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Allagash Brewing Company

Crosspath: Organic Golden Ale


Allagash Brewing Co. needed a new look for their first-to-market Organic Golden Ale. This brew was a complex compilation of three iconic Maine brands working together to promote Allagash’s first organic beer crafted with organic Maine grains in collaboration with GrandyOats Granola and MOFGA, the nation’s top organic certifier. Pulp+Wire’s challenge was to beautifully incorporate three distinct Maine brands in a single product that also captured Maine’s untouched landscapes and laid-back spirit while honoring the local farmers and the time-honored style of golden ale.

Photo courtesy of Allagash Brewing Co.


To accomplish our task in capturing the organic nature of the beer, and the brands that celebrate Maine, Pulp+Wire started with the rich community of beer and bar culture. From a feeling to a place, we looked at how the rolling fields and bright blue sky nurture organic farming in Maine and are the beautiful backdrops for creating a beer that looks good enough for any Instagram post yet can be enjoyed after a long day working the Maine land.

For Crosspath’s look, all the Maine brands involved were colorfully called out in a sticker collage. As a striking, unified team, the stickers together are reminiscent of a brewery bathroom wall or the bottom of your beloved skateboard. And like any good collage, each sticker is thoughtfully chosen and carefully placed. It’s a beautiful balance of brands you love, believe in, and support. The ’70s-inspired texture and graphic stripes are a nod to one of the collaborators, GrandyOats Granola, whose rebrand was also crafted by Pulp+Wire. When tasked with freshening the look for the 35-year-old brand, Pulp+Wire and GrandyOats worked together to tap into the authentic feeling of your favorite, well-loved ’70s rock band t-shirt. With thoughtful details, organic ingredients and a colorful can, Allagash Brewing Co.’s Crosspath celebrates the Maine brands working together in a delicious organic Golden Ale.
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