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The Brand Alchemist Podcast: Taja Dockendorf Sits Down With Daily Crunch Founder Laurel Orley.

“I wanted to shape the story myself.” –  Laurel Orley

Join Taja as she sits down with the founder of Daily Crunch, Laurel Orley in an all new Brand Alchemist Podcast. 

Join Taja Dockendorf, Founder and Creative Director of Pulp+Wire and host of The Brand Alchemist Podcast as she sits down with the founder of Daily Crunch, Laurel Orley. In today’s episode, you will learn about the amazing career Laurel had before coming to her personal crossroads, about Laurel’s Aunt (who is the heart behind daily crunch), why mental health is so important to the brand, and how they choose to give back to their mental health mission. All this and more on today’s Brand Alchemist Podcast.

Connect With Laurel Orley and Daily Crunch:

Instagram: @DailyCrunch_Snacks

LinkedIn: Daily Crunch / Laurel Orley 


Listen to full episode here


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